Dear family and friends,

As I depart Spain this morning and return to the hustle and bustle of pre-holiday preparations, I want to take a moment to express my profound gratitude to all of you for joining me on my Camino to Santiago de Compostela.  

I am especially grateful to the board of Episcopal Relief & Development for granting me time away from my day-to-day activities to walk the Camino.  In addition, many colleagues at work have provided advice and support for fundraising and social media outreach.  Others have graciously stepped in to cover responsibilities that would not otherwise have fallen to them.  If I start naming names, I will surely leave someone out so I will refrain.  You know who you are and I know who you are. Thank you!

Over 170 of you have made donations to Episcopal Relief & Development.  I’m more grateful than I can express to everyone who has made a gift, especially the anonymous donors who kept increasing the match and those who gave not once, but multiple times to my fundraising campaign.

My website and social media have been beautifully designed and deftly managed by my daughter, Eva Warren. I got to focus on content while she focused on impact. (Point of parental privilege:  Although Eva is a full-time graduate student, she has a side gig providing website and social media support for people and organizations.  She’s terrific.  Check out her website for more information.). Thank you, Eva!

My ability to walk the Camino would not have been possible without the excellent training I received from Lisette Santa.  She worked patiently with me for over a year on building my muscle strength and balance.  It really paid off.  Sophia Chapman of Evenos Travel gave me invaluable hiking tips and advice on how to use the mystifying array of equipment I acquired for the Camino while guiding me along some of Crete’s most beautiful trails.  My dear friend Mary-Hart Bartley lent me her walking sticks, which have been my faithful companion for the Camino, just as she was during our weekly walks through New York City during the difficult days at the height of the pandemic and ever since.

My walking partner on the Camino, John Deane from the Anglican Board of Mission in Australia, did not hesitate to say yes to joining me, even as we planned our trip via Zoom and text message in the midst of the pandemic.  We enjoyed long hours of silent walking and lively conversation at the end of each day.  I cannot imagine a more congenial fellow traveler for this adventure. Thank you, John!

Finally, my heart overflows with gratitude and love for Mary Abraham, my wife, who has (the occasional arched eyebrow notwithstanding) unfailingly supported, encouraged, and loved me through this and every other adventure I’ve proposed.  I am blessed to have such a partner on the Camino of Life.

And now I’m signing off for a while.  Stay healthy, be safe, and have a wonderful holiday season!

Pax et Bonum.

With thanks and love,


Published by Rob Radtke

President & CEO, Episcopal Relief & Development, husband, father, friend, traveler, reader, New Yorker.

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