One is embarking on a strange journey: Reflections after 500 miles (Part Two)

Now that I have completed my Camino and have started to look back on my experience for a few days, I have come to realize that the most important and, in Idle’s words, “strange” part of my journey is just beginning: the journey of reflection. One could fill a small library with books of people’sContinue reading “One is embarking on a strange journey: Reflections after 500 miles (Part Two)”

One will be named: Reflections after 500 miles (Part One)

We walked into Santiago de Compostela on Wednesday afternoon.  500 miles done!   I set out on the Camino with two goals.  First, I wanted to take on the physical challenge of walking 500 miles.  Second, I wanted to raise money for Episcopal Relief & Development’s work with children.  Both of those goals have been achievedContinue reading “One will be named: Reflections after 500 miles (Part One)”

One is searching: Reflections at 400 miles

As I cross the 400-mile mark, I’ve been reflecting on Idle’s idea that on a pilgrimage one is searching.  Certainly, the Three Magi were searching for the baby Jesus.  What are other people searching for as they walk the Camino? One of the surprising aspects of walking the Camino has been the number of youngContinue reading “One is searching: Reflections at 400 miles”

One needs to be full of zeal: Reflections after 300 miles

I have now officially crossed the 300-mile mark.  I’m amazed.  How on earth did that happen? Growing up, I was certainly no athlete.  In high school my squash coach (sports were required) was aghast when I told him I liked the game because it didn’t require a lot of extraneous running around and sweating. AsContinue reading “One needs to be full of zeal: Reflections after 300 miles”

One will be claimed: Reflections on making it halfway

Today I officially passed the halfway point on my Camino to Santiago de Compostela.  There are fewer than 250 miles to go.  As I’ve been walking, I’ve been stopping at churches along the way.  When I stopped at Nuestra Señora de Monasterio Chapel, I was welcomed by a sister from the Daughters of Charity.  SheContinue reading “One will be claimed: Reflections on making it halfway”

One will be lost: Reflections on the first 100 miles

Between Los Arcos and Logroño, I passed the 100-mile mark on my Camino.  I’m officially at 110.4 miles.  That feels good.  If I can do this much, I think I can do the entire thing.   As I’ve been walking, I’ve thought quite a bit about Christopher Idle’s Epiphany hymn, mentioned in my previous post.  InContinue reading “One will be lost: Reflections on the first 100 miles”

In Pursuit of the Three Magi

Greetings from St. Jean Pied de Port in France.  Tomorrow morning, I set out walking the Camino de Santiago.   Over the last several months, I’ve had occasion to think about what it is to be a pilgrim.  The first pilgrims in the Christian tradition were probably the three Wisemen, or Magi, who traveled to visitContinue reading “In Pursuit of the Three Magi”

Wow, just wow!

Words cannot express how grateful I am to everyone for their extraordinary support of my fundraising efforts on behalf of Episcopal Relief & Development as I prepare to start my Camino. Not only have we blown through the $25,000 goal, a very generous Episcopal Relief & Development board member has made an additional gift ofContinue reading “Wow, just wow!”

Training to Walk the Camino

Over the last year, I have been training to walk the Camino.   At my age, balance and muscle resilience are key to a successful walk. That, and endurance. I’m now in week eleven of twelve for training.  By the end of this week, I need to be able to hike five hours in hilly terrainContinue reading “Training to Walk the Camino”

Who was St. James?

As I prepare for my Camino, it occurs to me that I should learn a little about St. James the Great whose relics are believed to buried at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.  500 miles is a long way to walk without knowing anything about the person who has inspired millions to make a pilgrimage toContinue reading “Who was St. James?”