Rumors of My Demise…

405px-MarkTwain.LOCMark Twain’s quip about reports of his death having been exaggerated is one of my favorites.  It might fairly be applied to this blog.

When I started the blog over a year ago, my intent had been to post once a week and, for the most part, I sustained that pace…until I couldn’t.  And so, towards the end of June, I lost momentum and stopped. Sometimes that happens.

I spent a good bit of the summer nagging myself to start writing again.  Nagging oneself—or anyone for that matter—isn’t really a strategy that inspires motivation.

But then a letter arrived in the mail….

In the stack of post-Labor Day letters at the office was an envelope addressed to me marked “personal.”  

I don’t get a lot of these kinds of letters, but when I do I brace myself.  They generally contain angry missives about how either I, or my organization, have offended or sinned.  

I try to read these screeds with an open mind and heart.  They usually come from a place of pain having very little or nothing to do with me, or the organization I lead.  But somehow we’ve unintentionally pushed a button or torn a bandage off. Sometimes we’ve legitimately screwed up.

So, imagine my delight, dear reader, when the letter turned out to be from one of you!

The writer requested anonymity so I won’t share any details.  

Suffice it to say that the writer said some very nice things about this blog and even included a generous donation to Episcopal Relief & Development.  And no, it wasn’t from a family member.

It was from someone I didn’t know.  They wanted to thank me for one of my posts.

I hope I’m not as needy as this anecdote makes me out to seem.  But, the letter has given me a kick in the pants and, at least for the moment, the rumors of the demise of this blog have been exaggerated.

It also helps, I think, that I stopped writing for a while and spent the last week of August on a silent retreat.  That created some space for uncluttered and uninterrupted thinking and reading.

As I was ending my retreat I found that the fog in my brain had cleared.  And, lo and behold, I’d come up with a list of topics to write about that should keep me going for a while.

So, stay tuned.

And yes, as much as doing this for the glory of God should be motivation enough, your feedback (positive and negative) means a lot.  

Checks for Episcopal Relief & Development are nice too!

Published by Rob Radtke

President & CEO, Episcopal Relief & Development, husband, father, friend, traveler, reader, New Yorker.

6 thoughts on “Rumors of My Demise…

  1. Welcome back – we did miss your thoughts and journeys, but summer is a good time to do what you did! By the way, “nagging” was redefined by my mother as “motivating”! Thank you for your sharing and caring. Elizabeth


  2. Thank you for sharing your struggle. Now I can really relate to you and your mission! So real, honest and refreshing. I contribute a small amount monthly. It is all I can do right now and I believe with Episcopal Ministries my donation has real value. Thank you.


  3. Take the pressure off and rename your blog to “the almost monthly blog”! 😊❤️ Always love to read them no matter how much time in between.


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